Thapathali Campus is a Paradise for Technology. Situated in between the Heart of Capital, it has been providing Undergraduate and Graduate Level of Technical Education. looking back, Thapathali Campus is the first Institute in Nepal Providing Engineering Degrees and technology trainings since 1930 AD. Today Thapathali Campus Stands as a pioneer institute for Diploma and Bachelor Level of Engineering Degrees. The two ways to join Thapathali Campus is either to Complete +2 Science and Enroll for bachelor Level Of engineering Course or to join directly for Diploma Level Course after SLC. Thapathali Campus Offers Wide range of faculties For Diploma like Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture , Civil Engineering, And Automobile engineering. Similarly for the Bachelor Level of Engineering Courses you can either Enroll for Industrial Engineering or Electronics Engineering. Diploma Level Courses run for 3 years and are +2 Equivalent Engineering Degrees which is honoured as Sub-Engineer or Overseer. Whilst Bachelor Level Degrees run for 4 years, under completion of which you will be honored as an Engineer. Thapathali Campus Offers Wide range of trainings and capacity building skills. it also offers Hostel for students from remote villages. Similarly, Stipend , awards, and honours are provided for Outstanding Students. It offers huge range of Scholarship offered under basis of Entrance Exam Taken By IOE. Thapathali Campus Likes to welcome your feedback and responses. You can visit our administration on any working day on office hours.

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Thapathali, Kathmandu