Prajjwal Khatri


To all the hard working and amazing students from all over Nepal who genuinely worked hard and have subsequently been successful to secure their scholarship in the first ever technical campus of Nepal, with a winning spirit & passion to become an expert technician & scholar of their field, F.S.U. would like to congratulate and welcome u to the campus with our whole heart.

When revolutionists like us who have always accepted the principle of change,got support of F.S.U., we've been & are successful to improve the educational system of this campus drastically & conduct extra curricular activities in a healthy manner. And now, Thapathali Campus has been a place to produce capable & professionally qualified experts every year. We were, we are & we will continuously be fighting for the rights & wellbeing of the students all days and nights. F.S.U. 2073 will play a vital role to produce capable & professional experts from Thapathali campus in order to create a prosperous & thriving nation. We assure u that me & the entire F.S.U. team will forever be there for u in any extreme circumstances for your glorious future. Do not feel any kind of hesitation if u are in need of any sorts of help & support. You, me & we all stand for each other, for a good cause. And lastly, we expect u all will join us & stand together in all the ups and downs, triumphs & disasters and rough situations as one strong association to help recognize our campus as one of the most successful institution to produce expert and qualified manpower for the prosperity of the nation.

Prajjwal Khatri


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